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college living?

how does one tell, when someone is a friend. especially when i have little to no social skills, and lack any sort of perception. i can be funny, and somewhat insightful. but i don't know if i know how to connect. i think i just miss people, even if it's just by a little. i don't expect much, probably less than i should, i just don't know something, i just think i'm missing something.

anyway that wasn't suppose to get all angsty, just thoughtful.

i've been watching the l word, does that mean i'm finally becoming a legitimate lesbian??

finals are coming up, and i'm feeling somewhat overwhemled, but not really.

i'm just looking forward to alot of things coming up soon.
-buffy reunion
-the spill canvas concert

i've been fantasizing about boston, just to get away, not that i feel like i need to getaway, but just being away. across the country in a city i love. with people that barley know me, i really feel like i am stepping out of myself. like i'm taking a risk, and i'm not a risk taker. i have an aversion to change. but this just seems exciting.

anyway i feel restless, and anxious, and probably a few other things, that i can't describe right and probably never could, because i don't know how. but in a badish-good/great way.
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