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it's good to be...me

okay so alot has happened this summer, not all of it good, but alot of it.
firstly i went to comic-con it was more than i could have dreamed, i met joss whedon the man i own my internet obession to, the man who created buffy, angel, firefly, and so much more, he is the nicest man and really funny, then minna and i saw his panel (swoon), then we went ot the once more with feeling buffy sing-a-long, imagine 500 buffy fans singing to the show, i was in love with everyone of those people for those 45 minutes.
anyway, i moved to alpine, that was less fun, it's okayish now, basically the stuff i'm taking to school with me is at my mom's apartment and i sleep at minna's, it's like i have no home, technicaly i'm homeless, it's mildly frustrating actually, but it could be worse.
and the lastest and greatest development, Consuela, has arrived!!, she is the lastest addition to my little mac family, she is beautiful. i love her and guadalupe and ezperanza they are some of the most beautiful women i know.
minna turns 20 tomorrow, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETS! i hope she likes my present.

i think that is it...

pee ess
i got into on-campus housing at cal poly, so that is way way exciting and stress relieving

also my nerd rating has shot through the roof, basically im excited about it, minna jsut has some more stuff to bee ashamed of
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