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cal poly

this weekend i visited cal poly pamona with minna and im seriously considering transfering there.
-minna will be there
-it would allow me to major in geography as well as history
-it would be like i was really in college and not some demented form of high school
-polytechnic sounds so impressive
-they have ostriches, which are dinosaurs on some serious drugs
-as sad as this may seem its away from everything i know, not that far but far enough
-i will have to find a new job as quickly as possible and having to find a job makes me nervous
-i will have to take out loans for living, indebtedness scares me alot
-living with minna scares me alittle

its not set in stone, i haven't even applyed but i figure i would probably get in and then i really will have to make a decision.

i want to study abroad and transferring makes that hard.

it hard for to decide what to major in. i've havent been one not to know what i want to major in. history has been my major the whole time. right now its history and women's studies. if i transfer i will change that to history and geography. but i hear about all these interesting majors that i want to do but, i don't think colleges let you go to school for 10 years while you take all the classes you need for your 7 majors. so im having trouble with that.

and i want to do things but im also trying to focus on school and not spend all my time fucking around with drawing and painting. thats not going to be a career for me and i don't want it to but at the same time i want to just mess around with that and not my homework.

this entry sounds alot more depressing than i wanted it too, but oh well.

all and all im doing good. im doing better on my essay writing got my first a on a paper, all my other papers have been b's so that was exciting.

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