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do your knees go weak when i simply speak?

some fun things
-i got SCUBA certified, its really amazing. now minna and i can go SCUBA-ing together in La Jolla. and i can take cool underwater myspace pictures in my extremely unflattering wetsiut and SCUBA gear...YES!!

-school started, i think i might want to change my major to geography (you can actaully major in geography, how cool is that!!) school looks good, im really excited about 3/4 of my classes so thats a plus.

-i just had a subway sandwhich, it was really tasty

-minna got her lip pierced, and it looks really sexy

not so fun things
-i really really really need to clean my car out

-i really really really need to clean my room

-my brother is an ass


pee ess
i totally got a straight boys number, and he gave it to me! this just goes on to prove how amazing i am as a human being and a sex symbol.
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